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Security terms



Intrusion (unauthorized network access)  Ref.: T4

What might happen:

Using unauthorized network devices to access the network.


An unauthorized network device (e.g. a wireless access point or ADSL modem) could be attached to your network .
  • Lack of user awareness on what hardware may and may not be used on the network
  • Lack of network supervision and management
  • Weak set up of wireless access points
Local configuration of desktop (or other device) to allow some form of remote gateway access to parts of the internal network. For example, running Windows Terminal Services or a SSH server on hosts.
  • Lack of user awareness on what remote access software may be used on the network


R2, R4, R5, R20, R27, R28, R30, R34, R37, R42, R44, R46, R47, R48, R49, R51, R52, R53, R55, R59, R61

ISSeG Audit Questions:

Please see the ISSeG Risk Assessment questionnaire

Threat group of family:

Compromising    Human    Failure    Environment     Aggression

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